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White Long Coat Dog On Snow wallpaper

The 'White Long Coat Dog On Snow' wallpaper has been added to the wallpapern.com 12 months ago. This free wallpaper is saved in a jpeg?w=940 format with a size of 131.12 Kb. The width of the image is 940px, height - 627px, what sets its aspect ratio to 940:627. The wallpaper is archived in the following categories: Animals. Free wallpaper download is available by clicking on the button above. Set this image as a desktop background, or mobile wallpaper. You can find other best free and high-definition wallpapers using search form above. Full size image can be viewed here, or by clicking on the wallpaper itself.
Categories Animals
File Name wallpaper-white-long-coat-dog-on-snow.jpe
File Size 131.12 Kb
Resolution 940 x 627
Aspect Ratio 940:627
Type jpeg?w=940
Added 12 months ago
Tags Coat, Dog, Long, Long Coat Dog, Snow, White
Color Violet, White
Downloads 0
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