Grunge Warning Sign – Do Not Read This Sign wallpaper

The 'Grunge Warning Sign – Do Not Read This Sign' wallpaper has been added to the 1 year ago. This free wallpaper is saved in a jpg format with a size of 522.34 Kb. The width of the image is 1024px, height - 748px, what sets its aspect ratio to 256:187. The wallpaper is archived in the following categories: Art. Free wallpaper download is available by clicking on the button above. Set this image as a desktop background, or mobile wallpaper. You can find other best free and high-definition wallpapers using search form above. Full size image can be viewed here, or by clicking on the wallpaper itself.
Categories Art
File Name wallpaper-grunge-warning-sign-do-not-read-this-sign.jpg
File Size 522.34 Kb
Resolution 1024 x 748
Aspect Ratio 256:187
Type jpg
Added 1 year ago
Tags Do Not Read This Sign, Grunge, Sign, Warning
Color Red
Downloads 0
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